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Why Adult SEO is Difficult Than the SEO of Non-Adult Sites

adult seo vs non adult SEO

Search Engine Optimization is considered more of theory and thus is expected to involve less technicalities. Same reason has given rise to a myth that the SEO for adult websites is similar to the SEO done for non-adult ones. I know most of the people never get a chance to do Search Engine Optimization for both the non-adults and adult sites. If they would have given it a chance, this conception would have surely collapsed. SEO is such a diverse field that even two dissimilar non-adult sites will require different level of expertise and a completely different approach. Moreover, SEO for the adult sites is entirely different from the usual SEO done for the non-adult sites.

The common difficulties faced during the Search Engine Optimization of adult sites, which make Adult SEO more complex and difficult than the usual SEO.

1 visit this page. Where to find original content: The notion that the adult content is easily available to replicate or reproduce is very vague and it hardly does any good to your SEO practices or to the site you are probably putting that content on.  A content which has already been replicated over and over again by thousands of sites is going to do more harm than good to your site and to your SEO techniques. The content which is replicated multiple times over the web is considered to be a poor or spam and makes your site look thinner to the major search engines. This at times exacerbate the situation and for sure the SERPs as well.

Thus, this is the major challenged faced during Adult Search Engine Optimization that how can one increase the site authority and the rankings simultaneously, when the major search  Google is content oriented.

2. How Do You Ping the Content Or Build Links: Suppose you have some how arranged the required content, but how do you ping that content? This is an obvious question,  the probable answers are, you will use a social bookmarking site or article marketing or may be some forum or some link dump sites, etc. But, there are realities you probably are unaware of, first and foremost, no high authority social bookmarking site will allow you to put illicit content (in the form of images or videos) and same goes for all the major article directories as well, most forums are highly moderated and it takes more than a month to get yourself some genuine links.

Though there are several other problems faced during the SEO of an adult site, but the above two are the most complicated and major situation tackled by the Adult SEO experts. Your SEO consultant will have paid listings, paid accounts for adult link dump sites, established forum ids, more sources to fetch quality links, they can predict and advice you on major issues, search engine penalties, referal traffic, do follow links, internal link structure, etc.

Moreover, once you have assigned an SEO firm its job. They will relieve you of all the worries you might take regarding the sites authority and rankings, this spares you with plenty of time to focus on some new idea of yours or to do some experiments on your present ventures.

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