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Adult Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There have been many inquiries from us by the adult toy and video ecommerce sites. So we concluded that it would be nice to provide some tips on how to improve your adult ecommerce site.

Choosing the Platform

Ecommerce platforms are not that extensive in features when it comes to SEO building; and you can not be sure whether or not your chosen product includes all the traits of an SEO friendly platform. Amongst the popular platforms are Volusion, Microsoft Commerce Server, OSCommerce, Magneto, Web.com and various others. Every platform has its own set of pros and cons. In this article we would rather discuss the features essential for promoting your site and making it more search engine friendly; instead of comparing the various platforms.

Fields that can be Altered

The conceptual fact would be to assume that everything on an ecommerce site that can enhance its popularity can be modified. However that is not the actual fact; nevertheless there are certain prime fields which are important:-

Title Tag: this is one of the widely acclaimed factors that plays an essential role in SEO and has to be undoubtedly editable. The title tag has been found to work elegantly when used in the following fashion as “product name| site name”. However greater the number of words used here; lesser is the weight of the site in terms of SEO. So, appropriate words should be used under the world limit of 60-80 words. .

Meta Description Tag: on a search engine result page, this tag is positioned just below the link of your site and it can be conductively used to maximize the click thru rates. With this tag also, a convention can be applied; and one such convention that has been successful is writing words about product description. However the word limit is 150.

H1 Tag: For SEO optimized results this tag also needs to be used productively flagyl tablets buy online. The target keyword needs to be used at least once in this tag; this gives the search engine an introduction as to what is in the page. A proven rule for this tag is using the category name| product name as the keyword; and the H1 tag should also reflect the same.

Link Portrayal with Categories: every ecommerce website has a lot of categories whose improvement can bring SEO friendly results. However enriching all of them is an ideal case. Some keyword research tools list out the prime categories which should be worked upon. Subsequently the nofollow tags can be used to indent the transfer of page rank from one page to another.

For specific details you may contact us and we would acknowledge you with some personalized instructions for your website.

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