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Three Things Your Adult SEO Won’t Tell You

Three things adult SEO won't tell you

If you have ever been a client to some service provider, you would know that there are times when you have to return empty handed, i.e. land in disappointment look at here. That is the time when you start thinking that the person whom you assigned the job actually cheated on you, as he could have told you some vital points earlier itself. Adult SEO service providers are no exceptions to this. The company you may assign the job may hide some basic jaw-dropping points from you.

I have compiled some probable ones for you, hope you can go back and ask your Adult SEO to brief you on these:


1. “Your Idea (or may be the estimation) is Unrealistic”: They are the pioneers of the industry and they develop a sixth sense which warns them that the idea or assumptions before them are not realistic. Majority of Adult SEOs seldom disclose this to their customer, it is done to retain the client and not discourage them at the first go. Also, on line scenario is very unreliable, you can see some very simple and poor ideas making millions and some very well crafted and good ideas fail, so it is a bad deal to turn down some client just cause you think that the idea is not going to work.

Though, there is no sure shot way to make out whether your Adult Search Engine Optimizer is hiding this detail or not, but when they say- “We will try hard to achieve that.” or “Even if we are not able to do that, we can at least do this much.” These are some signs which indicate that the expert is unsure about the concept.


2. “You Should Go For a Better Package”: There are times when your adult SEO wish to make a positive contribution by throwing his expert advice, but refrains himself as he does not want to risk your calculated budget. We have clients who say they need some good Service package in $xyz. This is a very grave situation as your client has declared his budget even before confirming the status of his website and which Service Package will bring him fruitful results.

Such are the cases when customers claim that they paid for a service and yet the desired results were not delivered. So, it’s always advised to listen to your consultant first and then decide your budget. May be an extra 100 bugs will fetch you far better returns.


3. “The Problem Cannot be Fixed Immediately”: At times the client’s site faces some issues either due to faulty site maps, crawling problems, penalties, etc. and the traffic goes down. This appears as a big blow to the client and he/she builds pressure on the Adult SEO to fix the issue at the earliest, but all the people in the industry are aware of the fact that if the problem is due to some penalty or crawl errors by the search engines, then it needs some time to get fixed, usually the recovery period after employing the suggested changes is a week or two, i.e. 7 to 14 days.

Though an SEO firm works hard to bring results to their client, there are moments when some of the technicalities are kept hidden which appear in the interest of both the client and service provider.

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Make Your Income From Adult Blogs Panda-Proof

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Why Adult SEO is Difficult Than the SEO of Non-Adult Sites

adult seo vs non adult SEO

Search Engine Optimization is considered more of theory and thus is expected to involve less technicalities. Same reason has given rise to a myth that the SEO for adult websites is similar to the SEO done for non-adult ones. I know most of the people never get a chance to do Search Engine Optimization for both the non-adults and adult sites. If they would have given it a chance, this conception would have surely collapsed. SEO is such a diverse field that even two dissimilar non-adult sites will require different level of expertise and a completely different approach. Moreover, SEO for the adult sites is entirely different from the usual SEO done for the non-adult sites.

The common difficulties faced during the Search Engine Optimization of adult sites, which make Adult SEO more complex and difficult than the usual SEO.

1 visit this page. Where to find original content: The notion that the adult content is easily available to replicate or reproduce is very vague and it hardly does any good to your SEO practices or to the site you are probably putting that content on.  A content which has already been replicated over and over again by thousands of sites is going to do more harm than good to your site and to your SEO techniques. The content which is replicated multiple times over the web is considered to be a poor or spam and makes your site look thinner to the major search engines. This at times exacerbate the situation and for sure the SERPs as well.

Thus, this is the major challenged faced during Adult Search Engine Optimization that how can one increase the site authority and the rankings simultaneously, when the major search  Google is content oriented.

2. How Do You Ping the Content Or Build Links: Suppose you have some how arranged the required content, but how do you ping that content? This is an obvious question,  the probable answers are, you will use a social bookmarking site or article marketing or may be some forum or some link dump sites, etc. But, there are realities you probably are unaware of, first and foremost, no high authority social bookmarking site will allow you to put illicit content (in the form of images or videos) and same goes for all the major article directories as well, most forums are highly moderated and it takes more than a month to get yourself some genuine links.

Though there are several other problems faced during the SEO of an adult site, but the above two are the most complicated and major situation tackled by the Adult SEO experts. Your SEO consultant will have paid listings, paid accounts for adult link dump sites, established forum ids, more sources to fetch quality links, they can predict and advice you on major issues, search engine penalties, referal traffic, do follow links, internal link structure, etc.

Moreover, once you have assigned an SEO firm its job. They will relieve you of all the worries you might take regarding the sites authority and rankings, this spares you with plenty of time to focus on some new idea of yours or to do some experiments on your present ventures.

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Tips to Make Your First Adult Site A Success

You go out and search for tips or methods to set up an on line non adult store or blog, you will be elated to get hold of a huge quantity of content and tons of “How to” tutorials celine bags. But, if you wish to set up an adult site or a store from scratch, you will be very disappointed to know how difficult it gets to find help on establishing any such adult venture. The number of sources catering to this query are very few. The big web masters and bloggers try to save their image by not focusing on such topics celine bags sale.

Thus, there is a need to be more prepared and alert while establishing your first adult site. Often the debut ventures turn into a big disappointment. The following suggestions will help you in successfully setting up your adult business and turning it into a success cheap celine bags.

Know your direction from the start: The adult business is the most competitive business, you have to decide your niche from the day one itself and work accordingly else you will land nowhere. The competition is huge and powerful enough to crush your first non-directional on line venture.
So chose your niche wisely and after proper calculations.

Keep Flexible Targets: Though you will have a unidirectional approach, but your expectations or the targets you expect to achieve should be set on a very flexible scale. This becomes important to avoid any sort of dissatisfaction or discouragement. Usually people associate a lot of expectation from their first adult venture, but they are often forced to face disappointment which ultimately kill their passion towards the work and they ultimately quit.
So, work wisely to make your first venture a successful one.

Seek to Learn: Most people would say “What is there to learn in porn or adult venture?”, but trust me friend their is a lot more than you can figure out from outside. It is not only the most competitive niche, but its a very diverse and complex subject cheap celine bags. A constant urge to learn and experiment will bring in fruitful results.

Avoid Spamming: There are several adult sites which constantly upload content which appears Spam to the search engines. This not only harms their position in search results, but also does a wastage of efforts. So, try to add smaller quantity of content, but of higher quality. This will increase the authority of your site and will help in long run.

Do Proper SEO: It is a big misconception that the adult sites do not require SEO. The search engines regard both adult as well as non adult content and sites as same celine outlet. Thus, there is a need for proper Search Engine Optimization. You can either do it yourself, but if you think you do not have the required knowledge or you wish to save your precious time then you can hire some good Adult SEO firm, to do the job for you.

The adult SEO firms not only helps you in setting up your first adult venture, but also does the promotion and content addition works. This will reduce the burden to great extent and there will be an assurance that your idea would at least not go futile.

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Use Multiple XML Sitemaps and See Your Traffic Shoot Up

We have been suggesting all our clients at Adult Seo Solutions to use properly designed sitemaps to increase indexing of their adult content. We were certain that using xml sitemaps is sure to increase indexing, but we recently discovered that multiple sitemaps have an added advantage over a single xml sitemap. Multiple xml sitemaps not only increases indexing, but also give a boost to the organic traffic (mainly from long tail keywords).

Earlier, it was thought that using multiple sitemaps is only for bigger sites, but over the past one year we have asked all our clients to use multiple xml sitemaps even if they have a smaller site. The results were not much diverse, multiple sitemaps worked almost the same way for both the bigger as well as the small adult sites.


Using a single xml sitemap with almost 40,000 URLs looks quite enormous, thus the best practice is to come up with multiple sitemaps. It might seem very cumbersome to sub categories and divide a sitemap consisting of 50K URLs. But, the pain is worth taking, as a multiple sitemap reflects the structure of an adult site in a more profound manner. Also using multiple sitemaps helps in bringing traffic from long tail keywords due to better indexing.


The adult niche being most competitive, the value of long tail keywords is increasing every passing day. Thus adding a multiple xml sitemap will be a smart move.


The easiest and the most efficient way to subcategorise your site is to go by its structure. You can have an online store with loads of products or may be some blog with a number of categories and pages, etc.

The following examples shows a sitemap for an adult image site :

*Main Sitemap

  • +Static Pages
    • Home
    • About
    • etc canada goose down outlet usa Canada Goose down sale price.

*Nude Celebritites

  • +Nude Hollywood Celebrities
    • Category Page
    • Angelina Jolie
    • Beyonce Knowles
    • Etc.
  • +Nude Bollywood Ceebrities
  • +Deedesi
  • +etc.

The above xml sitemap has sitemap index, they are used to point to other sitemaps, i.e. Instead of adding your site page urls you have to input the URLs to the other sitemaps. You may not confuse yourself between the sitemap indexes and sitemaps. Indexes are almost similar in structure to a normal sitemap, but hold the information about other sitemaps rather than the site page URLs.

Just have a look at the following codes and see how you can write a sitemap index:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

<sitemapindex xmlns=”″>










In the above code you should notice the tags </sitemap> which provide information about a single sitemap and other </sitemapindex> having information about all the sitemaps.

The major difficulty which most of the adult site owners face is a mismanaged content and a poor or heavy sitemap. Thus, adding multiple sitemaps from the beginning will not only solve poor indexing problems, but will also help in bringing in higher traffic from long tail keywords.

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Killer Techniques for Promoting Your Adult Website

Here are some very basic but extremely effective ways to promote your adult website-

  1. Newsletters: Emailing newsletters is a very good way to stay in contact with your visitors and target audience. It gives you the opportunity to keep them informed of any and all upcoming features on your website. They can be highly useful, especially when you have announced features and pages which will be ‘coming soon’ to your adult website canada goose down coveralls Canada Goose jackets outlet official. The frequency of such mails would be up to you and it depends on what kind of a campaign you are planning.
  2. Host Galleries: In the adult business, offering free host galleries is essential for every new website. It is true that most people don’t like doing this but it is necessary since there is a lot of competition and it gets you just the results that you are hoping for.
  3. Trading Links: This is one of the most common and indeed the most important aspect of adult SEO. It is a good idea to try and trade links with websites which are popular and have established their name. This method brings traffic from a website directly to your website and hence you get more visitors which you can then convert into income. Affiliate programs are useful for link trading as well.
  4. Marketing on Social Networks: With the boom in social networking sites, they are also good places to promote your websites and gain traffic. Not just social networking sites, even social community websites like YouTube etc. are useful for this purpose and give a considerable boost to your traffic.
  5. Internet Message Boards: Many people look for adult websites on internet message boards which makes them good places to advertise your own website and gain traffic.
  6. Site Reviews: Find websites which write adult reviews and try to get them to review your website. This brings a lot of traffic to your website and also helps you in converting the traffic into subscribers and members.
  7. Blogs and Doorways: Developing content having good keyword density in blogs is a good way to promote your adult website. The same can be done with doorways as well which gets them high ranks on search engines which subsequently promotes your website and gets you more traffic.
  8. Search Engines and Keywords: People search for adult websites on search engines and search engines respond to keywords flagyl tablets 200mg. This in turn makes it important for your website to be keyword rich in order to gain traffic and make profits.
  9. Advertising: Paying for advertising is a slightly more expensive method but it gets you the desired results pretty easily. In paid advertising, you pay search engines for keyword ads and the amount is defined on a per-click basis. This method is useful and advisable when you do not have ample time to promote your website through other means or have enough capital to pay the search engines.
  10. Affiliates: This is a very common method nowadays and helps you attract a lot of traffic to your adult website. This is a referral system where your members let out a link in their circles and draw traffic to your website and in return, you provide them with certain benefits or even money based on the number of type of referrals that they bring.
  11. Multilingual website: If you can translate your website into different languages and host it in different languages then this will get you traffic from the viewers of those languages.
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How to make your Adult Membership Website Successfull

Offering membership to your adult website does not guarantee you a steady or big revenue. There are a number of things that one must remember in order to gain members and earn money.

  • Narrow Niche: The content on your website must be focused and interesting in order for the members to flood in and pay you for it.
  • Information and On-site Experience: Especially with adult content, your website should hold unique content which is not seen on any other website. In addition, the on-site experience for your visitors should also be one of a kind.
  • Community: It is always good to bring your members closer to each other and let them share their thoughts about the website and its content amongst themselves.
  • Leadership: When people pay you to get a membership on your website, they expect a single person to be leading the site and prefer if it is kept that way.
  • Give Reasons: There are millions of adult websites online, so it is highly important that you are able to sell your properly and give the visitors enough reasons to opt for a membership for your services.
  • Appearance: The website should look attractive and should not be complicated.
  • Complexity: If a visitor is having a hard time going around your website then he or she will never opt for a membership. This is especially more applicable in the case of adult websites and adult SEO see this website.
  • Security: The most common payment method is via credit card and unless you have proper security measures on your website, no visitor is going to be willing to pay you for a membership canada goose coats for sale Canada Goose womens online store.
  • Business Models: Always try and base your adult website on a business model in order to gain success.
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